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Evan Beecham

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Prosperity Pathway

Prosperity Pathway

A long-time advocate for consumer safety, Northeast Colorado native Evan Beecham has spent his lifetime ensuring his community is protected and secured from the unknown. As a former law enforcement captain turned financial services professional, Beecham has held true to his commitment to “serve and protect” and for the last twenty six years has concentrated on the “financial safety” of the clients he works with. An accomplished advisor, educator and consumer advocate for safe financial strategies, Beecham helps Northeast Colorado’s pre-retirees and retirees secure their investments, protect their savings, plan their retirements, and develop comprehensive estate plans. Beecham is also a widely known expert in the Infinite Banking Concept. Beecham has also specialized in protecting his clients assets in the unfortunate event of them needing Nursing Home Care.

Beecham desiring to make a greater positive impact for the clients he served, he founded Beecham Financial Services, Inc. in 1993 (formerly Beecham Agency) with the goal of assisting pre-retirees and retirees with a smooth and tax efficient transition into retirement while providing them with peace of mind knowing their money will last throughout their lifetime. As a result of second shift in career, Beecham worked closely with a life insurance company and developed a forward thinking, first of its kind, insurance product that was responsible for alleviating the cost of funeral expenses while adjusting for inflation, providing consumers of this product enough money to cover the rising costs of funeral expenses. This product Beecham developed is now the number one product of its kind, used in the United States.

In 2008 Beecham was selected President of the (SCRFA) Society of Certified Retirement Financial Advisors designation. During his term as president, he was instrumental in leading the association to becoming fully accredited entity in the financial services industry. SCRFA has become an elite organization for ethical financial advisors. Under Beecham’s leadership as President, SCRFA became accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). SCRFA is now one of 6 accredited entities listed on the FINRA designation list.

Prior to his financial career, Beecham attended the Evangelical Church Alliance for two years, earning a Pastoral Theology Diploma. He also attended College for three years earning credits towards Paralegal Training. He was also a certified instructor for the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy, and Colorado Community Colleges, instructing; Human Relations, Criminal Investigations, and Report Writing.

Evan and his wife Sue, of 39 years, have four children and five grandchildren. He is a native to Northeast Colorado.