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Michele Boyer

Congratulations on your decision and commitment to take the Prosperity Pathway!

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Prosperity Pathway

Founder of Alternative Economic Partners LLC, Michele has been an industry professional since 2003.  I believe that traditional planning strategies allow great opportunity for risk reduction and focus on helping investors learn out of the box investing that provide strategic and wholistic perspectives in retirement planning.

Currently, as a Team Based Model Consultant partnering with CPA’s and Real Estate Attorneys, Commercial Bankers, and other strategic partners,  we provide individuals and business owners with proactive, strategic & holistic planning services providing a team-based approach uncommon in the industry. As a result, our clients are able to reach their personal and professional goals in a more efficient and enjoyable process.

I am also a Certified Life Options/Retirement Options Coach and facilitate quarterly Healthy, Wealthy & Wise forums for those seeking to find balance in their lives. In my spare time, as a Certified Mental Game Coach through Peak Performance Sports, LLC, I occasionally work with prep and professional athletes on instilling Confidence for a Competitive Edge through coaching.

I currently live in Lakewood CO with my 4 legged kids. I have a three children and 3 grandchildren.  I’m an avid golfer, love hiking, skiing and looking forward to helping you blaze your own trails.